Are you worried about how to get financial assistance to pay for a healthcare emergency, settle an outstanding debt or you desire having a total control of your financial status?

A car title loan from us is all you need, get approved in 15 minutes and have your money in an hour! Do make use of our quick online application, or kindly get in touch with one of our loan agents through a phone call. Do you have a vehicle with a wholesale value of at least $2,600 and you are in Chicago?

You can be granted a loan of $2,600 or more, within a few minutes, even if you have bad credit history! You are also allowed to hold on to your car and drive it when you are paying back the loan. The customers living in Illinois,  Arizona and New Mexico will have loans from $1000 minimum with a car worth at least $2000. Do you have questions?

Kindly keep on reading or do visit our detailed FAQ segment and our page on how title loans work to find the right answers to your questions. If direct approach is your preferred option, kindly get in touch with us, our warm staff will be willing to help you.

We have different locations in Illinois,  California, New Mexico, and Arizona. For a detailed list of the regions and cities where we have operations, kindly visit our locations page. For a period spanning over 20 years, we have been rendering our clients with the best rates on auto title loans.

In reality, one can be experiencing financial hardship in making payment for college fees, healthcare emergencies, or for any important reasons.  This is why we are in the business to offer the needed help to you. Just apply for a car title to obtain the needed financial assistance.

How Do Car Title Loans Work?

It is very easy! For more than 2 decades, we are devoted to making our loan application procedure quick and free of stress. The amount of loan depends on the state where you are living, if you have a car, truck, or van valued at $4000 in wholesale value in California, you can get a loan from $2600 to$50,000 with the use of the title of your vehicle as the collateral.

Illinois, Arizona and New Mexico resident must be in possession of car having a wholesale worth of $2000, for a loan of $1000. Verification of the collateral enables us to provide quality loans to people with poor credit score.

Should you apply now, you will be notified of your approval within 15 minutes! We will work with you to decide the terms and rates that can work perfectly for you after the approval of the loan.

The terms of our loan are from 24 to 36 months, we have no prepayment penalties in place if you decide to pay back the loan earlier without any additional fees!

What we require of you is the title of your vehicle; you have the right to drive your car during the period of the loan repayment. Any moment the loan is completely repaid back to us, your car title will be returned to you quickly. It is as simple as that!

Auto Title Loans Made Easy

In some lending institution, the loan application can be time-wasting, perplexing and stressful. It is not obtainable from us. Our loan application is very easy, fast and free of hassle. Apply for our loans and take the full advantage of the following benefits:

Applying for any type of loan can often be a long, confusing and stressful process. Not with us. We’ve worked to make the loan process quick and hassle-free. Apply for our loans today and take advantage of our benefits, including:

The application is done in seconds, approval in 15 minutes and you receive your funds in less than 60 minutes.

We have 3 different ways to apply; online, over the phone or through chat medium.

We provide the highest amount of cash up to $50,000.

No hidden fees or penalties for prepayment, this allows you to pay back the loan earlier if you desire.

You keep and drive your vehicle when you are paying back the loan

Use Your Money How You Want!

You have the right to use your money for whatever you desire! We are different from other lending companies; we do not monitor what you use your money for. We respect the privacy of our customers; they are responsible for what they spend the money on.

You can use it to pay for college fees, home repairs, and cover healthcare expenses or perhaps you want to use it to enjoy a vacation. The onus is on you. We are only willing to assist you; it is not in our business to manage your checkbook.

Your Trusted Title Loan Lender Since 1994

Our headquarters is located in Los Angeles; we are licensed to provide auto title loans to residents in the states of California, Illinois,New Mexico, and Arizona. We are ranked A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for our unique customer support, excellent service and trustworthiness. We are much more than just a lending institution: we are in the business to render financial aid to those in need.

Whenever you are facing financial difficulty, just use the value of your car to apply for a loan from us. You can find what makes us the number 1 brand in the title lending industry. Apply online by filling out our application form or just call to discover how much you are eligible for

A Fast Car Title Loans

Just apply online for a title loan by filling out our quick application form. It takes just seconds! After the submission of your application, we will contact you and inform you if your application has been approved or not.

After the approval, you are required to provide us with the necessary documents to finalize the loan. Have this in mind that no credit or bad credit is never a factor when you are applying for a title loan, so you have nothing to worry about being declined due to your poor credit history.

You can apply by calling our customer service unit, or better still kindly pay a visit to one of our offices near you, or you can chat with us on the internet.

Keep in mind these two most important requirements to qualify for a car title loan;

In case you are applying from California, you must be in possession of a car worth at least $4000 or $2000 if you are applying from the states of Illinois, New Mexico and Arizona.

Ability to demonstrate a proof of at least $1200 monthly earning. We accept paychecks, bank statements, disability, unemployment, and social security.

For a detailed list of our title loan approval guidelines, do visit our page on how title loans work.

Refinancing Application

Are you contemplating refinancing your title loan? Kindly apply or contact us today to refinance your car title loan in the states of California, Illinois, New Mexico, and Arizona.

You are sure of getting from us a larger amount of loan, better interest rates, and terms whether you have a current title loan with us or one with a different lending company. Are you currently experiencing difficulty paying off a loan, it doesn’t provide enough money, or approved by a lending company that does not show enough concern for your needs? The option of refinancing with us is just the best for you!

We have better rates and terms in addition to the excellent customer service we have which is not obtainable elsewhere. No one does it better than us. Just fill out our refinancing application or you can call us to take the advantage of the unique opportunities. Our commitment is just to help you derive the best out of your title loan, embrace refinancing today!

How Title Loans Work

Car title loans can be called auto title loans, or pink slip loans. It is the use of your car as collateral for the loan. It entails bad credit is not a yardstick in car title loan; this is because the money we grant as loans, as with any other kind of collateral loan, is determined by the worth of your vehicle, truck, or van and your credit history.

When you apply for our car title loan, you only place A car Title Loan as a “lien holder” on your title, meaning we will hold on to your title until you completely pay back the loan. Our loan terms are usually from 24 to 36 months but we have no penalties for prepayment, you are allowed to pay back your loan earlier if you decide to do so.

There will be no extra fees or added unpaid interest. Any moment you pay your loan, your car title will be returned to you.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Our Title Loan

To obtain a title loan from us, kindly adhere to these 3 easy steps:

  • Fill out an application form

It takes only seconds to complete our application form! To make it easy, we have 3 different ways through which you can apply:

Online: Submit an online application form and we get in touch with you in 15 minutes with a notice of approval.

Phone: you can call to apply with our loan agents directly

Chat: you can also apply through the live chat with an agent.

  • Prepare Your Documents

The moment your application is completed and submitted, it is important you have these documents in place. Having these documents prepared will assist us to get you your funds as fast as possible:

Vehicle’s title (pink slip)

Proof of insurance coverage

Driver’s license

Proof of residency (utility bill)

Proof of monthly income

List of 6 references, 1 being a family member

  • Pick up your money!

This depends on how we can quickly work with you to submit your documents; you can pick up your check within 1 hour!  Know that we don’t monitor how you spend your money. You are free to spend your money as you want!

 Contact Us Today

Perhaps you still have questions to ask as regards our car title loans? Kindly check out our FAQ section! Our competent customer service team is also ready, willing to help you through the title loan application procedure.

Just call us today.